Daphenne Herbel


Senior Master / Portfolio Proposal.

This year I’m going to be working on three major assignments. My senior mastery, portfolio, and a knockout presentation!

For my portfolio I will be focusing on photography. It will contain my best photos, some of my designs, and a link to my website, Facebook page, and email.

 My portfolio is going to be better than ever because I will hopefully be interning a professional photographer. This will help me learn about lighting, get better pictures, find what’s appealing to people, and find my own style. Hopefully I will learn more from them. Not only will they be teaching me, I will also be learning things by myself with research. I am planning on researching what to expect in a worksite, find tips on how to take better pictures, and I will also be looking up information about flash, and how to improve my website.

For my senior mastery I will be doing world/level design for a game. World/level design is basically creating a universe. It’s the scenery, the background, where the characters are, one or the most important parts of a game.

When coding and designing are pushed together you can get many things, one of them is level design. You not only have to know a good bit of coding for everything to go right, but you also have to know how to design things to make a certain mood, for it to be appealing, to get the right atmosphere for the game which is a very time consuming task.

  While doing all of this there are 21st Century skills used with level design. This mastery will be done with three people, Allison, Nick, and I so clearly in any group there are going to be problems that need to be solved, that will need critical thinking. There will be disagreements, things will go wrong, and we will have to work together in order to solve them.  We will also have to use communication to get advice from teachers and students. We have already asked teachers who they think should be in the game, and more communication will come in the future.

       Everything about this senior mastery will help me in the future/out of school. I will have practiced problem solving, communication, critical thinking, and how to work with a team. It will also be amazing to show colleges what I can do with coding, and such them my experience with game design.