Senior Mastery

For my Senior Mastery, I am working with a group. We are all working together to make an RPG video game! We each have a certain piece to work on that makes up the game!

Level Design

Digital communications have a big part of level design. I have to make sure that it is visually appealing for the player, I have to make sure the mood is set correctly, and visually represent what we are going as for a team. The level design must match the scene of that level/ piece of the game. While making the levels I was given other jobs! I was given the job to make break scenes; where the story is filled in, and characters can interact with their surroundings, other characters, or even themselves. I’ve even taken on making the story line, script, and deciding what actions they will do.

What I’ve Learned.

While working in a group I can say, it’s been extremely difficult, but the things I’ve taken in from this year-long experience I think it was worth it. From this senior mastery, I have learned problem-solving skills, Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Ethics, Professionalism, and Technology Operation and Concepts. Dealing with a group of people you have to understand that communication is key. On many occasions, I’ve had to speak with both of my teammates, and dealt with many issues among them. I have had to state what was making me unhappy with the project, and also find solutions to everyone’s problems. I have also had to collaborate with every one of my teammates to make our game run smoothly. I had also had to look up how to use the program RPGMAKER MXV to make this game.

Bellow are Pictures of everything I have done for my senior mastery. Please enjoy!

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In these maps, I have made many things intractable! Every door you can interact with, I’ve also added secret intractable items so the player can have the best experience they can.

Bellow Is coding I have done for the game. Enjoy!

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Lastly! Script and Story!

Before I get to posting it this is unedited. This was just for me to know where I was going, and to let my teammates know where I was going. This has side notes, comments directed at my teammates, and questions within it. Thank you for reading!